Brides Get Organized For Planning Your Wedding-5 Important Tips

11 06 2010

From experience, I can say planning our Wedding Day in Rome, Italy was a task of its own.  We did not have to deal with the typical matters that take place in a process of planning a wedding.  Yet the legality matters was our main priority.  That said, it was all executed flawlessly by maintaining my Book planner and constant follow up with our wedding planner oversees.

I would like to share this with my Brides-To-be this article I found on the web.  I hope it can be useful…
Please feel free to post any questions and I am happy to answer them.

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Getting married is such an exciting and fun time in your life. The planning starts almost immediately after announcing your engagement and can begin a stressful time. If you set your mind to being organized right from the start, it will make planning your wedding much easier than you think. Below are some tips to help you get started.  Check out the article with some great tips.



4 responses

30 06 2010

Thank you Crissy…this is very helpfull especially cause I am running out of time all of a sudden … 🙂

8 07 2010

How are you doing with your wedding plans? Are you utilizing a Wedding Planner? If so, what are you finding helpful and not so helpful?

30 06 2010

I love your wedding picture 🙂 You look amazing 🙂 The binder is going to help out a lot..great idea… I went to a bridal show yesterday that had lots of nice ideas and a lot of the vendors at once…the onlything is that for some reason the prefered vendors seemed to be double than any other vendors but in the end I guess you get what you pay for …If vendors dont deliver wedding can be caotic and I know I definetley wan tto enjoy and remember mine starting since the day before and have a good time……I also think a wedding planeer is a must …it doesnt seem like a lot of work but as the day approaches the stress level seems to rise from everyone and there is n0o need for xtra stress on your a girls most day 🙂

8 07 2010

Thank you for your kind words! What is the latest wit your progress in planning your wedding?

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