The Reality Behind the Reality TV

16 08 2010

As many of you remember my appearance on HGTV “Battle on the Block” this past May 2010.  A mini-documentary was done as we, the cast watched ourselves on national TV.  It was a total of 4 hours being filmed to gather the best and outstanding moments to create the  mini-documentary.

Rob Stanford is a talented director and editor who has shot documentaries from Tokyo to London and all points in between.  For five years he provided the film making magic at a multinational software corporation.  Most recently he directed a commercial featuring NFL Defensive Player of the Year and Dancing with the Stars alumnus, Jason Taylor.  Rob’s much-anticipated web comedy series launches in the Fall of 2010.  Drop him a line at and find out how his digital video awesomeness can help enhance your next project or event.

CHECK OUT THE “HGTV – Battle on the Block”    The Reality Behind the Reality TV

A mini-documentary about two couples who appeared on a home-makeover show

and their reactions on the night of their national TV debut.

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‘Battle on the Block’: Living Room Makeovers in Miami

20 05 2010

Housing Watch

Episode 4 of HGTV’s Battle on the Block moved to Biscayne Plaza, a high-rise apartment building in Miami . As usual, three couples with a budget of cash, merchandise and contractor-time are given three days to renovation their Living Rooms. Featuring the Professional Organizer of Miami, Cristina Maria Lloyd of OuttaSpace Inc.

‘Battle on the Block’: Living Room Makeovers in Miami.

“A Home For Everything You Own”®

The OuttaSpace Team

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“We have a Deadline” ~ HGTV ‘Battle on the Block’

17 05 2010

During the “Battle on the Block” Miami ~ The Lloyds have a heated moment where Cristina Maria Lloyd is conveying a message of urgency to her Husband.  As I said, “We have a Deadline” It was quite impacting yet, it made the rest of the project move at a pace where we knew we only had the answers and no one else did!!

We have worked on many projects at home and we never had a deadline like we had for the competition.  This allowed us to join as one and know that is the only way it is at “The Lloyds” residence!!!

“A Home For Everything You Own”®

The OuttaSpace Team

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HGTV “Battle on the Block” Miami

6 05 2010

“Battle On The Block”  ~ Miami

All I can say is Wow again! What an experience to have been part of the Reality Show “Battle On The Block” Miami

Working with Gevevieve Gorder was one of my dreams come true!!!  The total of five days of filming and seeing the end project and the story HGTV told was absolutely beautiful!!

As you heard me say “It is a Hot Spot”  Yeah, the Living Rooms we all worked on…

Check out the Show…

Space and Peace,

Cristina Maria Lloyd

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