RECLAIM MY SPACE: A journey to clarity #2

25 10 2010

A Written Journey from one of OuttaSpace Clients:  Entry #2

In my second visit with Cristina Maria we tackled space maximization issues.  I took my first trip to Ikea and on a very strict budget and purchased many strategic items that completely TRANSFORMED the look and most important THE FEEL of my home. I could really feel the energy start to shift. Cristina helped me realize that I needed to separate my work area from my relax area and she suggested we do this by diving the living room from my office area using my shelves as “walls” or “dividers”, ingenious yet simple – it ended up looking AMAZING and really creating that separation that now allows me to be more focused and productive while I work, and then shut off completely when I’m done for the day and relaxing. Thank you Cristina for helping me make my apartment a HOME and my SANCTUARY! Stay tuned for the next visit – I’ll be reporting directly from Ikea!

Osmara Vindel
The Solopreneur Strategist

Here are the photos of the second consultation after making her first trip to Ikea.

Stay Tuned for the next Journey Entry #3

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